class _tacoma.group_sizes_and_durations
__init__(self: _tacoma.group_sizes_and_durations) → None




aggregated_network A dict where each (key, value)-pair is an edge and its corresponding total time it was active.
aggregated_size_histogram A list of list s, the \(m\)-th entry contains the time-averaged number of groups of size \(m\), \(\overline{N_m}=(1/t_\mathrm{max})\int_0^{t_\mathrm{max}}dt N_m(t)\).
contact_durations A list of float s, each entry is the duration of a single contact.
group_durations A list of list s, the \(m\)-th entry contains all durations of all observed groups of size $m$.
size_histogram_differences A list dict , one dict for each time step, containing group sizes as keys and change of value to the previous time step as values.
size_histograms A list of dict s, one dictionary for each edge list, containing the number of observed groups of size m at this time.