class _tacoma.edge_trajectory_entry

This is an entry of an edge-based notation of a temporal network. Instead of getting lists of edges ordered in time, a list of _tacoma.edge_trajectory_entry contains, for each edge, a list of time pairs denoting the times the edge exists.

__init__(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. __init__(self: _tacoma.edge_trajectory_entry) -> None
  2. __init__(self: _tacoma.edge_trajectory_entry, edge: Tuple[int, int], time_pairs: List[Tuple[float, float]]) -> None

Initialize from a pair of ints and a list of pairs of doubles.


__init__(*args, **kwargs) Overloaded function.


edge Tuple[int, int] containing the nodes belonging to this edge.
time_pairs List[Tuple[double, double]] A list containing ordered time pairs \((t_i^{(i)}, t_i^{(f)})\), where each time pair contains the time point \(t_i^{(i)}\) when the edge is switched on (created) and the time \(t_i^{(f)}\) when the edge is switched off (deleted).