Introduction to Complex Systems

Prof. Dirk Brockmann, Winter Term 2021

Welcome - Read this first!

Welcome to the 2021 summer term module Introduction to complex systems.

This is the first post in the announcement section and here's a bit of information before class commences next week.

  1. The course will be held in English

  2. There will be no class in the first week, so neither lecture nor seminar on the 21st and 22nd..

  3. The first class will be held on Thursday, 26th of October.

  4. We will set up a course communication group on either Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram, depending on what the majority of the class prefers. I'll send around a survey about this. In the past, this method of resolving issues and answering questions has been quite effective.

  5. Please browse this website and the information it contains. Mostly I will be using this site for sharing information and material with you.

  6. If you have any questions concerning the module, please feel free to contact me. If you want to make sure your email doesn't drown in my inbox, use the following email address: This inbox is dedicated to this course only.

I am looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.