Introduction to Complex Systems

Prof. Dirk Brockmann, Winter Term 2021

Lecture 9: Complex Networks


We started the topic of Complex Networks with an introduction of what complex networks are and in what area of sciences they are abundant.

  • We discussed several examples networks
    • technological networks
    • biological networks
    • social networks among animals

We classified networks based on their link types into

  • undirected networks
  • directed networks
  • weighted networks

and restricted our analysis to networks without self-loops.

We also discussed the Königsberg Problem and tried to solve it in class.

We introduced the concept of adjacency matrix which is a way to quantify the connectivity of a network.

Interactive Tool

In the main menu section tools you can find the network explorer used in class.

Please play with it.

Further Reading

here is a pdf of the slides

that I showed in class. An

here are some older lecture notes

that cover what we discussed in class and more. If your are interested in network science, give it a read.

Class Recording