Video Lectures

Dear Class,

Alice found a set of video lectures online. These are lectures by Leonard Susskind, author of the book that I recommended in class.

Here we go, have a look:


Welcome to QM WS 2015

Dear Class,
I apologize for the late launch of the website for the course. From now on I’ll try to be better concerning being on time.
As you will see the website will be in English. This is better because aside from programming you need to get used to english.
In biology or any other science of impact this is the language of choice.

In the announcements (here) you will find regular notes from me concerning updates on uploads and material for class. For this course the
most important resource are the lecture notes. I will post them usually after class, potentially before class.

If you have any questions please contact me by email or by phone.

Dirk Brockmann