Human mobility, networks and disease dynamics on a global scale

Bunde A., Caro J., Kärger J., Vogl G. (eds) Diffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society. Springer, Cham.


Disease dynamics is a complex phenomenon and in order to address these questions expertises from many disciplines need to be integrated. One method that has become particularly important during the past few years is the development of computational models and computer simulations that help addressing these questions. In the focus of this chapter are emergent infectious diseases that bear the potential of spreading across the globe, exemplifying how connectivity in a globalized world has changed the way human-mediated processes evolve in the 21st century. The examples of most successful predictions of disease dynamics given in the chapter illustrate that just feeding better and faster computers with more and more data may not necessarily help understanding the relevant phenomena. It might rather be much more useful to change the conventional way of looking at the patterns and to assume a correspondingly modified viewpoint—as most impressively shown with the examples given in this chapter.

Dirk Brockmann
Dirk Brockmann

Head of Research on Complex Systems Group