Pascal Klamser joins the ROCS-Team - Welcome Pascal

Pascal is a physicist by training with a PhD (almost) in biophysics and an interdisciplinary interest with a focus on multi-agent systems. How simple interaction rules shape the large scale dynamics of a system is the unifying question behind diverse projects as predator avoidance in collective behavior and opinion dynamics on adaptive networks.

A new COVID-19 mobility monitor report ist online

The report focuses on mobility in Germany as a function of distance. We address the question how mobility within German counties and across county borders is affected by lockdown measures and how this changes over time. The new report features a number of interactive illustrations.

We have a new website – This one!

A step that was long overdue: We launched the group's new website today. After three years of stagnation, a dysfunctional, ugly and chaotic website, and numerous complaints we finally managed to kick-off a better interface to the community and the public.