Practical Course: Computer simulation and modelling of complex systems

The two week practical course (Fachkurs) will cover the topic of implementing computer models for studying complex dynamical systems in biology. The programming language of choice is netlogo (see details below). Students will implement complex systems from each of the applied topics that are discussed in the lecture.

Times and Locations for Individual Sessions

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Note that there are two different locations for the practical course and that the time slots may vary between days, so check the times carefully.

ITB, Invalidenstr. 43

On the left of the museum you walk all the way to the back and enter the last door of the building on the right. Turn left in the building and you will face the seminar room.

Biophysics, Invalidenstr. 42

The building is actually the small building in the back of the large building at number 42. Walk around the large building on the right and you’ll face the building with the seminar room. The seminar room is on the third floor.

What is netlogo?

Netlogo is a free, platform independent programming language, environment and tool that is easy to learn. It is designed for agent based modelling. We will use netlogo for most examples covered in the lecture.

Students are advised to download netlogo and install on their personal computer. All netlogo models used in class will be made available on this page as well as the respective lecture subpages.

If you go to the netlogo documentation page you can find

1.) the three tutorials
2.) the Interface Guide
3.) the Programming Guide

These tutorials will be covered in detail during the practical course.
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