Lecture 14 - Growth Processes and Self-Similar Structures

Here’s all the information (and more) that was covered in the lecture:

Lecture Slides (pdf): Note that this is a pdf file, so the netlogo stuff doesn’t work. the slides contain only a couple of screenshots of the netlogo programs so it is essential that you download the netlogo programs and investigate the systems interactively.

Lecture Notes (pdf): This is a document that explains various growth processes that lead to self-similar structures.

netlogo programs

Diffusion Limited Aggregation (a simple program that illustrates diffusion limited aggregation)
DLA with gravity (same as above but with a gravitational force)
DLA with gravity and a twist (with this tool various parameters can be adjusted and the fractal dimension of the resulting complex and be computed)
Koch Snow flake (the famous fractal)
The cellular automaton C90
The Game of Life
The cellular automaton CA105
The cellular automaton CA110
A stochastic cellular automaton