Lecture 13 - Critical Phenomena

Here’s all the information (and more) that was covered in the lecture:

Lecture Slides (pdf): Note that this is a pdf file, so the netlogo stuff doesn’t work. the slides contain only a couple of screenshots of the netlogo programs so it is essential that you download the netlogo programs and investigate the systems interactively.

Lecture Notes (pdf): This is a document that explains critical phenomena. The document is from a larger script file, so don’t get confused about the page numbers. Also, the file contains more information than what I covered in class which you are welcome to look into.

netlogo programs

Percolation (This is a simple program that illustrates the dynamics of percolation on a 2-dim lattice)
Forrest Fire (This is a similar simulation that uses the concept of percolation to investigate the spread of forrest fires)
Self-Organized Criticality in a Forrest Fire Model (This is the model by Drossel et al. that involves a balance of random lightning and growth)
SIRS (this is a simple epidemic model based on susceptible, infected, recovered dynamics with waning immunity)
SIR agent based (This is a turtle version of the famous SIR model for infectious diseases)
SIR agent based with feedback (here the agents run away from infected individuals)