Lecture 12 - Pattern Formation

Here’s all the information (and more) that was covered in the lecture:

Lecture Slides (pdf): Note that this is a pdf file, so the video material doesn’t work. The videos that I showed in class are listed below.

Lecture Notes (pdf): This is a document that explains the various pattern forming mechanism that we covered in class.

netlogo programs

The Voter Model (Spins that randomly align their state with a neighbor)
The Majority Rule Model (Spins that align their state according to the majority in their neighborhood)
The XY Model (Spins that align the direction according to the mean direction of their neighborhood)
Local Excitation (Continuous valued spins that respond sigmoidally to the state of their neighborhood)
Local Excitation - Global Inhibition (like local excitation with an additional inhibitory force at longer distances)
Mixing (diffusing particles with two different colors)
Reaction - Diffusion (two particle types that diffuse and interact)

Video Clips

Pulse of the Nation (Twitter)

BZ Reaction

Cell signaling/spiral waves in Dictyostelium

Bernard Convection

Dictyostelium aggregation

Fruit fly development in 3D