Lecture 11 - Synchronization - Part 2

This is the second part of the Synchronization Chapter. We covered the properties of the Kuramoto Model for Phase Coupled Oscillators and introduced Pulse-Coupled Oscillators as well.

Both topics are covered in the Synchronization Notes.

Here are the netlogo programs that we experimented with in class. Download them and play with them in netlogo. Note that you will need to right-click on the links and the open the files with netlogo. It’s not sufficient to just copy the code into the code segment of netlogo.

Two Phase Coupled Oscillators
Many Phase Coupled Oscillators

Pulse Coupled Oscillators

Large lattice of phase coupled oscillators (This is the system that exhibits annihilating singularities)
Large lattice of pulse coupled oscillators (This is the system that traveling waves and spirals)

Here’s a zip file with all the netlogo simulations together for your convenience.