Lecture 6 - Complex Networks Basics

For reviewing the topic Complex Networks please have a look at the motivational slides:


For the material covered in class download my Introduction to Networks Notes:

Introduction to Networks.pdf

This is a 134 page document that I used for my networks course in the US. Obviously you are not supposed to read the entire document! Have a look at everything from page 1 to page 26, so everything including section 1.6 in the document.

Interactive Network Examples

Here are the networks I showed in class. Click on the images to look at the examples. I advise to to play with the networks and study their structure “hands on”.

C. Elegans Neural Network

Stacks Image 1508

Dolphin Social Network

Stacks Image 1532

Human Disease Network

Stacks Image 1540

E. Coli Metabolic Network

Stacks Image 1556

Florida Foodweb

Stacks Image 1572

Network Science Co-Authorship

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