Jun 2015

Netlogo Examples Online

Liebe Leute,
in der Section Fachkurs (Practical Course) sind nun ein paar netlogo Beispiele die wir im Fachkurs programmiert haben.
Liebe Grüße,

Morgen Fachkurs Info

Liebe Leute,
morgen ist es wieder soweit. Es gibt Fachkurs!! Denkt dran, dass wir uns zunächst in der INV43 treffen und dann
umziehen in die Biophysik. D.h. wir müssen die Laptops abbauen und mitnehmen. Sorry. Vielleicht kann Herr Bierbrauer
sie ja in einem Bollerwagen hinter sich herziehen.

Morgen bauen wir ein Ökosystem mit allem Pipapo. Das wird ein Spass. Ausserdem bringe ich wieder
etwas Trauenzucker mit, ich glaube Frollein Pelikan war letztes mal etwas unterzuckert.

Bis morgen!

Presentation Material Online

for those talks for which I received pdfs and supplementary information I uploaded those to the website.
The items are on the Seminar Section in the corresponding speaker list.

Important Announcement concerning the Practical Course (Fachkurs)


finding a location for the Fachkurs and consolidating the schedule with my travels was a challenge. For now this is the solution, a table can be found in the section Practical Course.

The Practical course will take place in two locations:

1.) The seminar room of Invalidenstr. 43 where the ITB used to be. A map to find it is on the Practical Course section.

2.) The small seminar room in the biophysics building which is the small building behind Invalidenstr. 42. If you don’t know where this is ask Maria Dost. She knows. She lives there.

Make sure you bring your laptops for the first session on Tuesday. The first session will be at Invalidenstr. 43 at 10:15 am.

Each day will be split into two session so you guys can have lunch. The first session will usually end at noon and the second session will commence at 13:30 until 16 or 17:00.

Super Important:

We will not have the Fachkurs and the Lecture on Wednesday June 24th because I am out of town. So, that means you have a free day.

If you have any questions let me know.


Seminar tomorrow


We will only have one talk tomorrow by Wiebke because Avan will be giving her talk at another time.

The additional time will be used for Nachhilfestunde on the topic of bifurcations.

Also, if I find time today I will post the lecture notes and slides for the past two lectures.


Seminar 8am

do not forget tomorrow’s seminar is at 8am sharp

Lecture Notes and Updates

Today’s lecture’s info is online (Lecture 11) including all the netlogo examples. You are advised to check them out.

Also, the date and time is set for the review on dynamical systems for those of you how signed up for it: This Friday after class 10:30 - 11: 30am.

See you on Friday,