Scores on Theory Test

just finished grading the test. 17 people took the test. The mean score is 73/100. There’s a clear
devide between a group of people who now have a solid understanding of the concepts and the methods
and those who need a bit more time and assistance because the concepts are new. If you belong to
that group: no worries. At the end of the course you will also understand the stuff and think it’s very easy.
I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow and we will fix a time for a special session which I recommend you attend.

Also, there’s a change of plans for tomorrow. I was asked to go over the third problem set because some
of you had problems with it. So, I will do that first. After that I will show you a presentation video to show you how to
give presentations. This will be entertaining and will be on a topic that we will talk about in class. This video
is intended for you to learn how to give talks which will be important for your seminar presentation. So attend tomorrow.
As a consequence you will

not have to bring your laptop tomorrow