Dear Class,

the schedule has been updated online (dates corrected, May first holiday added etc.).

I also uploaded a pdf of the slides to the lectures section as well as the netlogo programs that I showed today.

Please download netlogo and do the tutorials. If you run into problems with the installation, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also, I have added everyone to the roster and have now an email list. I couldn’t read the email addresses of

Alice Wittig and Ingmar Staude. You two, please contact me so I can update my list.

Also, those of you who haven’t registered for the Fachkurs: I’m assuming that you would like to participate in the Fachkurs, so I’m sending the list to the Fachkursvergabe on Friday. If you do not want to participate in the Fachkurs, let me know.

See you on Friday,