The hidden geometry of complex, network-driven contagion phenomena

The video clip below illustrates a simulated global epidemic that spreads on the worldwide air-transportation network with an initial outbreak location in Atlanta, USA. In the right panel, the conventional geographic view, the pattern is complex. The left panel depicts the same simulation from the perspective of the outbreak location (Atlanta) and the radial distance is an effective distance compute from traffic flows in the underlying network. In this view, the pattern is regular, concentric and can be understood in terms of simple reaction-diffusion equations. The science of this is described in detail here.

More Examples

Simulated outbreak in London

Simulated outbreak in Mexico City

Simulated outbreak in Chicago

Follow the Money

This video clip, made by former PhD students Daniel Grady (voice) and Christian Thiemann (animation) explains their research on borders in small world. Daniel and Christian won the 2009 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, awarded by the National Science Foundation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). More info at NSF.

Tour de Sys

This video clip, made by former PhD students Daniel Grady (voice) and Christian Thiemann (animation) illustrates the routes along the longest shortest paths in the US air transportation network.

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In this episode, Chalies Eppes expresses his fascination about fractional diffusion equations.....

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